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Born in New York, in 1987, from an Italian-American family, Indiana Christov has lived between Latin America, the US and Spain, spending most of her childhood and youth in Oaxaca, where she now resides and has her main studio. The contrast of cultures has been a constant throughout her life that has forged in her work a rich and eclectic mix of aesthetic and historical references.

Indiana Christov's work expresses a fascination with the ambiguity of the human condition, and an affinity with the archetypal language with which the psyche structures and ritualizes the world. Influenced by fairy tales, sacred art, the world of dreams, the Jungian school of thought and mystical traditions of all ages, as well as by artists of emotional and spiritual pathos such as William Blake, Francisco Goya, Hans Memling and Paula Rego, among others. ​

“My technical exploration in art has encompassed a diversity of mediums, from sculpture, painting and animation to photography and performance. The practice to which I have devoted the greatest dedication is painting, especially in the use of oil and pastel. In this medium, I work with imaginary realism, portraiture, and still life to tell stories of how this world speaks to me. When I construct a composition, I enter a playful and theatrical mindscape where I can incorporate other artistic mediums that I enjoy. Depending on the subject at hand, I may make a still life combining taxidermy, puppets and other objects (candles, fabrics, dolls, etc.), and/or have an exploratory photography or life drawing session with a friend or muse. The performative, open, and sculptural aspect of my process helps me intimate and expand the ideas I have for each piece, and sometimes becomes part of the resulting body of work.”

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